Become a Vendor/Exhibitor

An integral piece of the Wilton Manors Stonewall Festival is our ever-growing Vendor Marketplace. It provides our vendors and exhibitors access to thousands of people in a single day as well as providing potential clients and customers the opportunity to find products and services in a convenient venue.

We look to our vendors and exhibitors to help us enhance the event, the participants see you as giving back to, and involved with, the community. It truly is a win-win-win situation; you are able to brand your company or product, visitors are able to have access to a wide variety of services not found elsewhere, and with your help, the city can provide a day of celebration and community building.

And, in the true spirit of the festival, many vendors from past festivals will tell you that being on the drive with all the people is just a whole lot of fun.

This year the vendor booths will be located under 100 ft canopies, 16 booths down the center of the southbound lanes of Wilton Drive with 10 ft of weather protection on all sides.. They will be back-to-back booths or booths next to each other.

Booth prices are based on location, with south green, green and aqua zones being lowest priced.Orange and Red being the highest priced and violet yellow and black, being medium priced.

  • Green South (20th St – 21st St)

  • Blue South (21th St – 21st Ct)

  • Aqua South (21st Ct – 22nd St)

  • Orange Center (22nd St – 6th Ave)

  • Red Center (6th Ave – 7th Ave)

  • Violet North (7th Ave – 8th Ave)

  • Yellow North (8th Ave – 9th Ave)

  • Black North (9th Ave – 11th Ave)


Register for the Parade

This years parade will start at 3 PM from the south end of Wilton Drive.  Release forms and instructions will be incorporated into the registration page.